“Brett’s lifelong woodworking experience leaves him with an intuitive knowledge of the characteristics of timber. The choice of a Butternut body mated with a chestnut fret-board provided light weight without sacrificing sustain and yielded a full, clear sound, rife with harmonic overtones. Combined with the physical architecture of the Bass, I was able to pull every type of attack in my arsenal out this instrument. It was particularly suited for slap style but I was able to lay out smooth warm ‘upright’ sounds, pops, funky grooves and went from pizzicato to legato with out a single twist of a knob.”

 Chuck Hinton - Binghamton, NY

Tech Guru at McIntosh Labs, contributor to ‘Home Toys’ Magazine and member of the Monkeys Typing band. 

 "Finally, a custom built bass for the working bassist.  Brett's basses are rugged yet responsive, rustic yet refined.  His "stump-to-stage" building process allows Brett to draw from his knowledge of the tree, his experience in the wood shop and his creativity to craft an instrument that truly is like no other.  If you want a unique bass that's fun to play, that sounds great, and is responsibly sourced then you should consider a Chiselhead."

Nathan Giordano - Albany, NY

The Kamikaze Hearts, The Traditional Strings

Nathan Giordano

Nathan Giordano


"Hey Brett,

  Just wanted to touch base with you, and let you know that the bass you gave me is working out amazingly. I have used it pretty much exclusively since I got my hands on it two weeks ago. I love the way it plays, and the tone is fucking awesome. It's a great yin to my gender jazz's yang, it's got the other half of the spectrum that I just can get with the Jazz. I used it for a electronic act that I do gigs with last week, and it sounded like a rickenbacker with the right tone dialed in. All in all, just wanted to say thanks, and I'm gonna help get the word out about Chiselhead any way I can man. I also am gonna paste a photo of me playing the bass that you gave me to the bottom of this email. Thanks again Brett!"

Joe Noval - The Dough Rollers

Joe playing Curly